*NEW* Microblading Now Available


Get natural, flawless, and fuller looking brows with microblading. No daily in-filling, no pencilling, no fuss.

January Special Offer!

Book a FREE consultation in January, and receive the Microblading Treatment for just £150! (Normally £250)


What is Microblading?

Microblading is ideal for anyone wanting to enhance the look of their eyebrows without it being too obvious, and without it looking fake. The results are super natural looking hair-strokes, and the treatment can be done regardless of the amount of hair present.

  • Over-plucked your brows? No problem.
  • Suffering from hair loss due to alopecia, trigonometrica, or for any other reason? It will work for you too.
  • Just fancy enhancing and defining your brow shape? Great!
  • Want to cover up eyebrows that have been tattoo’d on and don’t look natural? Microblading does that too.

Microblading gives you natural, flawless, and fuller looking brows, with hair-strokes that stay crisp and defined. Hair-strokes will not diffuse after several months, and will not appear to be a solid line on closer inspection (as is seen with the traditional tattoo’d brows).


Why Do You Need 2 Treatments?

Microblading is a 2 step process. First, you have your initial Treatment, then approx. 30 days later you have a touch-up appointment (both Treatments are included in the price). This gives you the opportunity to go darker with your pigment, or lengthen the brows. It can take a few days to get used to your new brows, so the touch-up appointment gives you the chance to get them perfect, and it also makes your brows last longer!


How Long Does Microblading Last?

Results last approx. 1-3 years depending on different factors: your skin type, sun exposure, and the effects of chemicals contained in creams and beauty products (they can fade and break down the pigment quicker). The pigment will eventually completely fade from the area, so there is no fear of being left with pink or blue toned staining, as is often seen with permanent makeup.

Colour Boosts approx. once per year are recommended to retain the shape and refresh the colour of your brows. However, if you wish to change your shape or colour, this can also be done easily, so you are never stuck with the same brows, and have complete flexibility over your look.

The Microblading Treatment cost includes consultation, initial treatment, and one touch-up treatment. Colour Boosts are an additional cost. They are not required, but are highly recommended.

Does Microblading Hurt?

Why Choose Microblading?

  • Individual hair strokes to fill and shape patchy and uneven brows – give a 100% natural, symmetrical, and healthy look.
  • Complete brow reconstruction can be achieved for over-pluckers, or those suffering hair loss, with a very natural look.
  • No need to draw your eyebrows on every morning – wake up feeling groomed and ready to go!
  • Look natural while swimming or playing sports without worrying about your brows.
  • Colour-match to your hair and skin tone.
  • Look more youthful, correctly frame your face, and improve your self-confidence.
  • Cover old, faded, or discoloured tattoo’s brows to create a more natural, softer look.
  • Achieve well-groomed, 24/7 natural looking hair stroke brows, without them looking fake, or “solid”.


Does It Hurt?

During the treatment, an anaesthetic cream is applied. No clients have asked for a break or have said they feel pain during the treatment. Microblading does not penetrate the skin as deeply as tattooing, for example, so it will not feel as painful, there is less blood spotting, hair-strokes are very fine, and the healing process is much quicker.


The Price

Microblading Treatment, and 1 Top-Up Treatment: £250.00
Microblading Consultation: £50.00 (redeemable on Treatment)

January Special Offer!

Book a FREE consultation in January, and receive the Microblading Treatment for just £150!

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Please Note: Catherine’s Beauty Boutique are fully trained, insured, and licensed to carry out Microblading.



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