Marine Algae Body WrapMarine Algae Body Wrap

For the ultimate in full body exfoliation, hydration and relaxing massage look no further than the Marine Algae Body Wrap. Using a sea salt scrub, body brushing and aromatherapy essential oils, the Marine Algae Body Wrap will leave your skin feeling smooth, moisturised and refreshed. An excellent treatment for dry skin, eczema and psoriasis.

  • Full Body Marine Algae Body Wrap: £40.00
  • Half Body Marine Algae Body Wrap: £25.00

Body Brush Treatment

Body Brush TreatmentA full body cellular renewal exfoliation treatment using body brushes and a thermal skin masque to rejuvenate tired and lifeless skin. Great treatment to have before going on holiday or applying fake tan, and works to break down cellulite in stubborn areas. A Hot Stone Massage is an excellent choice to maximise the benefits of this treatment.

  •  Full Body Brush Treatment: £30.00

Shrinking Violet Inch Loss Wrap System

The wrap everyone is talking about! Lose up to 7 inches in 1 hour with the new Shrinking Violet Inch Loss Wrap! Treatment also includes body brushing and either an Indian Head Massage or a Facial.minimi fat loss wrap

  • Full Body Shrinking Violet Wrap: £45.00

Mini-Mi Cellulite and Inch Loss Wrap

The new and improved Inch Loss Wrap – lose up to 10 inches in 1 hour with Mini-Mi Anti-Cellulite Inch Loss Formula. Treatment continues working for up to 72 hours, meaning even more inch loss after you leave the salon! Treatment includes body brushing and either an Indian Head Massage or a Facial.

  • Full Body Mini-Mi Wrap: £50.00