Shellac “Gel Nails” Overlay

CND Shellac is the original and only Power Polish, giving you 14+ days of superior colour and shine, no matter what life throws at you! Long-lasting nail polish that wears like a gel, but is applied like a polish. Super shiny and hard-wearing.

  • Hands: £18.00
  • Toes: £22.00 (includes foot spa, hard skin removal, and foot massage)
  • Gel/Shellac soak-off and Hydration: £8.00


Catherine’s Beauty Boutique use high quality CND Sculpting Gel to enhance the length and strength of your nails while still looking natural. Great for short nails and biters! Also works with Shellac Gel Polishes.

  • French Tip/Colour: £35.00 (Infill: £25.00)
  • Clear: £30.00 (Infill: £20.00)
  • Gel Extension Soak Off: £15.00


Extend fashion to your fingertips! Suitable for both hands and feet, Minx Party Nails are sure to get you noticed!

  • Full set, any style: £15.00 (Includes file, shape and cuticle work)
  • Minx Nail Wraps for Toes: £15.00


Nails Inc Pro polishes provide elegant and timeless style with high performance colour, giving you every excuse to release your inner Audrey Hepburn!

  • File and Painted: £9.00
  • Manicure: £15.00 (includes heated mitts, file and paint)
  • Pedicure: £20.00 (includes hard skin removal, heated boots, file and polish)
  • Kids: £5.50