Here is a first-hand review of the GLAMGLOW Supermud Facial at Catherine’s Beauty Boutique by a regular client:

Before the Facial:

Having had many facials at Catherine’s Beauty Boutique (usually Arbonne) I know exactly what to expect; a lovely relaxing atmosphere, in beautiful surroundings while I’m pampered, preened, and polished. I’ve seen the GLAMGLOW website and know how many celebrities swear by the product; Michael Buble, Natalie Portman, Kimberley Walsh, and Nina Dobrev – Elena from The Vampire Diaries, to name just a few, and have you seen her skin? I’m expecting great things!

During the Facial:

The Facial started as normal, with a relaxing deep-cleanse and eye make-up removal, before Catherine applied the GLAMGLOW mask. My skin doesn’t usually play up but the week of my Facial I had one or two (OK, maybe three) spots under the surface of my skin that weren’t making any moves, and I would suffer from blocked pores and occasional blackheads on my T-Zone, gross I know, but we all get ’em. With the mask applied Catherine got to work on my nails and I could lie back and relax. Unlike some other masks, this one does dry and therefore tightens, so don’t be alarmed when that happens! I should also mention that I have sensitive skin that is prone to dryness and I was absolutely fine with this mask (and still am a week later). When the mask had finished doing its work I asked to see the results in the mirror, I’ve seen the images of a dry mask with darker patches that indicate where it has done its job (see photo) and was curious to know how it looked. As predicted, my nose and chin had plenty of darker “dots”, and the mask had obviously done some serious work on the areas where my spots were – forehead and cheek –  as they were noticeably darker.

After the Facial:

I’m really glad this is anonymous, because no one really needs to know this, except it is pretty important and I was impressed – two of the spots came to a head during the Facial (and the last one came to a head that night!). That never usually happens, and it meant that after 2-3 days the spots had completely disappeared. The rest of my skin looked refreshed and felt so smooth, and I could see an improvement and reduction of blocked pores in my main areas of concern (the dreaded chin and nose!). I purchased a tub of the Super-Mud Clearing Treatment from Catherine while I was there, determined to use it once per week (as well as getting a Facial done every 6 weeks) to keep my skin clear and to really test the product out. I’m a firm believer that you will only see great results with products like this if they are used regularly and not just a once-off.

Later that evening after my Facial I attacked my dad with the mask (not literally!) and just concentrated it on his chin and nose area (it must run in the family!). Dad had some seriously blocked pores and a blackhead “issue” on his nose, they were taking over. After just 10-15 minutes of having the mask on it was dry and ready to come off. The results were pretty amazing, I’d never seen his nose so clear, and he commented that other scrubs and exfoliators he had tried hadn’t come close to giving the same results, so that was pretty impressive.


GLAMGLOWI really like the GLAMGLOW mask and I think it is definitely worth the price tag because it works (though Catherine has it on offer for a good bit less than the RRP – so that was a bonus). A little goes a long way with this product as you are not supposed to “slap it on”, so a tub should last a pretty long time if you use it once a week. I’m going to keep using the product, and keep getting my regular Facials, and I’ll do an update 4-6 weeks from now to see if it keeps delivering results!