Now Stocking Nails INC!


Regular clients to the salon will know that Catherine’s Beauty Boutique used to stock Leighton Denny nail polishes. In breaking news, we don’t any more.

Hopefully you will have noticed our new nail polish range that is available in the salon to purchase. We all love a fresh set of Shellac, but sometimes we just want a normal nail polish match for our toes. Or sometimes we need a normal, but high-quality polish we can apply quickly at home for a last minute night out!

I love my dark colours, especially with the shine you can get from them, and working in the salon I need something that looks good and can take a lot of abuse. I’m working with acetone, tints, wax, and cleaning chemicals on a daily basis.

Shellac are definitely my number 1 for a gel polish for my hands, but unfortunately the Shellac normal polishes don’t offer a good match for the toes!

Thankfully, Nails INC have ticked all of my boxes (and I’m very fussy!). Not only are the colours brilliant matches for Shellac, but the range is never-ending, and the consistency of the polish is just perfect!

Leighton Denny served us well, and I have no complaints on their lasting power, or the range of nail treatments they offer, but I wish they would update the colour selection! After all, we love when our toes match our nails, and we especially love when our toes match our expensive footwear!  😉

Nails INC polishes are now available in the salon for £12.95 each.

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