Review: Tom Ford Foundation Stick

Tom Ford Foundation Stick is a glorified pan stick!

Everyone knows, or has heard something about, Tom Ford – watches, make-up, bags, and perfume, are just some of the products associated with this brand.

On a recent trip to Liverpool, a good friend and I (who is also a Beautician) treated ourselves in Harvey Nichols, by having our hair and make-up done. The make-up artist was lovely, but clearly didn’t have a clue when it came to the products she was trying to sell. We asked if the foundation was oil-based, as we both have oily skin, and we were told no (we later discovered it is oil based). We liked the coverage of the foundation, and we wanted to buy something, so we purchased the foundation stick before discovering its hefty price tag of £62!!

We met up with our significant others – Michael stared at me for a few seconds, before saying I looked like someone had shot a gun of make-up at my face! Usually, men don’t “get it”, but in this case, he was right. I thought I was a little dark, so I did purchase the lighter foundation, and every time I use this product, it makes me look flawless… for around an hour.

After that, I look patchy, oily, shiny, and not to mention I’ve woken up with 3 spots this morning that are 100% due to using this foundation. Thank goodness for eléni – BlemishLess Cream to the rescue!

Girls, lets not get suckered in to the big brand names, expensive packaging and false advertising! For £62, I would have at least expected some sort of anti-ageing miracle ingredient in this foundation, and would also liked for it to have been a half decent foundation to begin with! That’s not including the £30 brush used to apply this make-up, which has no bristles left!

Some people may love this foundation, but it’s definitely not for oily skin!