*NEW* LVL Lash Treatment

LVL Lashes Ballymena
LVL Lashes Ballymena
LVL Enhance is the revolutionary natural lash treatment, taking the beauty industry by storm!
“Top tip for nailing the #iwokeuplikethis trend? Two words: LVL Lashes.” Sunday Mirror

Loved by beauty experts, the media, and beauty enthusiasts across the globe, LVL Enhance adds length, volume, and lift to natural eyelashes. With no extensions, no adhesive and no mascara.

Unlike a traditional lash perm, LVL Enhance straightens your natural lashes at the root, creating the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. Plus, the added lash tint creates a mascara-like effect, so you’re lash perfect from the moment you wake up.

LVL Enhance gives you a more natural look, or you can amp up the *wow* factor by applying 1-2 coats of mascara.

Catherine’s Beauty Boutique have undergone specialist training to the highest technical standards to deliver this treatment, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your lashes are in the best possible hands. The treatment takes just 30-40 minutes, but the effects are instant, and last up to six weeks.

The treatment costs £35, or you can double-up with a friend, with both of you receiving the treatment for just £50!


LVL Enhance is a low-maintenance and long-lasting treatment. Clients love the fact that the treatment doesn’t take long, that the results are immediately visible, and their fabulous new look will last up to 6 weeks. Clients also find that LVL Enhance is a more cost-effective, lower maintenance, and less damaging alternative to lash extensions.


The fundamental difference between LVL and eyelash perming is that, unlike perming, LVL doesn’t curl the lashes. Perming loses all-important length during the rolling process, which causes the lash to curve back on itself a little. The revolutionary silicon pad technique, used in LVL, means the lashes are straightened out and then lifted, without compromising on length.


Sometimes we all get behind on our beauty rituals, especially when a busy life gets in the way of booking salon trips. As fabulous as they are, eyelash extensions require maintenance. Sometimes they can fall out awkwardly or unevenly, giving you no choice but to head back to your beauty therapist for a retouch. For those of you who prefer a lower-maintenance regime, LVL is ideal. You can pop to the salon and enjoy beautiful lashes for up to six weeks, without worrying they’re going to fall out unevenly or cause problems. The lift will simply fade away gradually as each lash ends its natural growth cycle and eventually falls out.


LVL can benefit anyone who wants wider, brighter, more feminine eyes. However, this particular lash treatment is especially effective if…

  • You have a fair complexion – redheads and blondes often have very pale, delicate eyelashes. This can make even the longest lashes look completely invisible. LVL treatment will darken the lash and help define the eye.
  • You have naturally long lashes – sometimes even curling can’t help people with very long, straight eyelashes. These people often find that the moment they apply mascara to curled eyelashes, they begin to straighten under the sheer weight. LVL has the strength to uphold even the longest lashes day in, day out.
  • You’re going on holiday – no one wants to worry about mascara streaks when they’re by the pool! LVL is the perfect treatment to have before jet-setting!

LVL treatment is not painful at all. The whole process is designed to be gentle and relaxing, and you should leave the salon feeling ultra confident and sexy with your new-look lashes. LVL doesn’t curl, frizz or fry your lashes like perming often does, it simply provides a healthy-looking lift.

Want proof? Here are some real, Catherine’s Beauty Boutique clients, with their before and after photos:

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