Now In Stock: Absolute Face Base!


I love good coverage without looking like I have applied layer after layer of foundation. Of course, getting a perfectly flawless complexion for day or night starts with your skincare routine, but the products you use on your face daily can also help or hinder your ability to achieve the perfect glow.

Do you know what is in your foundation? Does it contain cheap ingredients that contribute to spots? Or does it help cover spots while also treating them?

Ask yourself why you have spots. Yes, hormonal spots can break out at any age, (it’s a myth that only teenage skin is acne-prone), but many break-outs are because of poor skincare routine, not removing your makeup before you go to sleep (the #1 skin sin!), and using low quality products on your face.

My skin is pretty good, and that’s down to my eléni skincare routine, as well as the foundation I use every day. I apply my foundation at around 8AM, six days a week. When I finish work at 9PM, my makeup is removed with my eléni cleanser.


When you think about it, most women wear makeup for at least 12 hours a day! That’s a lot of time for something to be sitting on your skin, getting in to your pores. Make sure your foundation is a benefit to your skin. Check the ingredients – most cheap foundations are cheap for a reason, I do believe you get what you pay for. I don’t want to use my £35 eléni even skin tone cream (which I LOVE), and then use cheap foundation.

Absolute Face Base foundation from Mii Cosmetics has exceptional cover for my freckles. It is extremely lightweight, contains pomegranate moisture complex to hydrate skin, and my favourite ingredient, Gotu Kola extract to promote healthy skin and collagen production.


My favourite shade is Utterly Peachy. I use my Ciara Daly Hero Brush to apply this foundation, not only because it’s so quick and easy to use, but also because I don’t get foundation on my hands or waste any excess product. The Hero Brush allows you to buff the foundation into your skin so evenly.

Mornings are made easy with Absolute Face Base!


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